Way to open ePub File


Many Ways to open this kind of file :

  1. EPUBreader (firefox)
  2. Lucifox (firefox)
  3. MagicScroll eBook Reader (Chrome)
  4. Readiator (Chrome)
  5. Simple EPUB Reader (Chrome)
  6. Adobe Digital Editions (Windows & Mac)
  7. FBReader (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Blackberry, Android, & etc..)
  8. Adobe Digital Edition(Windows, Mac & iOS)
  9. MobiPocket Reader (Windows, Windows Mobile, PalmOS, Symbian, Blackberry)
  10. Icecream Ebook Reader (Windows)
  11. Calibre (Windows, Mac & Linux)
  12. Android apps (Android)
  13. NeoSoar (iOS)
  14. Bluefire (iOS)
  15. iBook (Mac)
  16. etc..

or you can decompress it using 7zip or other software. then open the file with webbrowser. 🙂

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