Encyclopedia of Mathematics – James Tanton 2005


Encyclopedia of Mathematics - James Tanton 2005

Encyclopedia of Mathematics – James Tanton 2005

Summaries :

“Encyclopedia of Mathematics is a useful reference providing current and accurate information on the subject for high school and college students. Comprehensive coverage includes significant discoveries in mathematics, in addition to definitions of basic terms, thought-provoking essays, and capsule biographies of notable scientists in mathematics – all presenting a wide range of valuable information compiled into a single source. Written in easy-to-understand language, the encyclopedia explains the importance of mathematics to society and includes summaries of notable events throughout history related to the subject.”.
“Featuring more than 800 cross-referenced entries, the encyclopedia includes six essays, interspersed throughout the text, that discuss the evolution of algebra and equations, calculus, functions, geometry, probability and statistics, and trigonometry. The encyclopedia also includes three helpful appendixes – bibliographies and Web resources, a chronology of notable discoveries in mathematics, and an extensive list of associations that provide information about mathematics – as well as a comprehensive index.” “Encyclopedia of Mathematics is an indispensable resource that will meet the specific demands of students, interested laypeople, and professionals who need accurate and straightforward information on historical or current issues in mathematics.”–BOOK JACKET.


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